What would you do if you weren't doing what you do?

If you weren’t working in the web industry, what would you do?
I sometimes think that I’d like to work as a nutritionist.

I think I would join a Thai Forest monastery in Thailand as an ordained Buddhist monk, where I’d spend my days meditating and enjoying being here in the present moment.

I think I’d be in photography studios. because photography is my hobby since then and this is the 2nd skill I think I’m better.

I had just gotten my EMT License when I met my wife. I was going to be a firefighter like my dad. But that was only because nothing else was calling me and I had a strong working knowledge of the human body so EMT made sense as a stepping stone. However I was not overjoyed by it. Sort of a depressing carrier choice. My wife and I put our minds together and we decided to do something else just in time.

Hmm … interesting question.

I was at university studying psychology when I became ill and couldn’t continue, or I might have been a psychologist. For most of my life, I’ve fancied being a train driver - seriously - but it would have to be a steam engine, so I guess I was born at the wrong time. (:

As it is, I do a side line in hand-made candles. (I enjoy other crafts, too, but that’s the only one I do as a business.) I like being creative. :slight_smile:

I pretty much change what I do every year or so, often by moving to a new city or part of the city. And then I change my work every few years as well and have a long list of jobs I have done or businesses owned. I highly recommend planning to change often. It makes life more fulfilling in my opinion.

I guess I would have whatever job I could… I guess I’d be an administrative clerk or something equally interesting.

The problem with me is that I always see the positive side of a job no matter how boring. You may think that this is something good… well, it is not. You end up with the worst paid and most boring jobs in the world.

Like an administrative clerk?

In my case, yes… well, actually, like administrative clerk and like computer technitian… Do you know why they hire me for new my job? Because I was the only person that dind’t mind to do the boring job of getting the data from the databaser and turn all that boring information into a beautiful, clear report… It takes about 3 days and it is a repetitive job that nobody wanted to do.

But for me, it is not really that boring. I’m even trying to see if I can improve my SQL abilities!

See? It is not even well paid (crisis here will never be over I suspect :lol: ) but I aways see something positive in any job :slight_smile:

I guess I’m lucky that I like doing IT stuff. If money wasn’t an issue for me then I would be IT teacher at some university.

I would possibly have become an IT Technician if i wasn’t in the web-dev industry.

So you’d all still do computer related stuff.

What would you do if you had to do something outside of the IT industry?

Traveling Reviewer/Food Critic

Oooh, yeah - that sounds awesome!

I’d no idea that train driving and candle-making were computer-related. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you’re TechnoBear… No matter what you do, it will involve technology and computers… it goes with your name! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i wolud work as fashion desighner

I’m lucky in a way, because I’ve always known that I wanted to be a programmer.

However, if for some reason that avenue was unavailable to me I think my next port of call would either be as a doctor or a lawyer. Both are ridiculously hard work, but I quite like that aspect, especially the endless research needed. I’m the kind of guy that is happy to sit there and read a huge book about a programming language, so it can’t be that far a jump from reading a huge book of cases or laws.

Maybe I’m an Electronics Engineer or Mathematician.