What would you add to end of URL permalink

Recently updated to newest version of WP and I noted when I started a new blog post, it doesn’t auto insert the title into end of permalink…rather, a set of numbers. So here I am asking what YOU would add if you were to edit that specific permalink? Curious as to various ideas…one keyword? Or two of them? Hyphenated of course (wondering)

Something, meaningful, indicative of the content of the page, but keep it short and simple.

Did you try resetting your permalinks settings?

Thanks WebMachine…I wasn’t even aware of that…could I do it like:

Click on General => Permalinks.
See what your current permalink settings are.
Depending on your current settings, select a different permalink option ( IE: if you are set to Post name, select Default.
Click Save Changes.

Also SamA74, what about: ‘cartoon-merchandise’ ???

You can go with a phrase keywords, don’t try to trick google with your over optimization target keywords. Add one main keyword and then second synonyms keyword which is meaningful in the url.

Let’s assume Google thinks I’m trying to “trick” them… what phrase would you put in there…I am curious

That seems to cover it.

Honestly I would not waste too much time thinking about it.
I don’t profess to know exactly how Google’s algorithms work, but I’m pretty sure that the url is a very long way down the list of where it looks for keywords in a search, like almost a last resort in cases where there is very little other content to analyse, in which case you probably wouldn’t rank well anyway.

I am talking about over optimization…

If Google has reasons to doubt the integrity of your site, you have bigger problems than your URL structure.

Just keep it simple, as @SamA74 says. Use a phrase which is useful and descriptive. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/76329?hl=en

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