What would be the best way of doing this? CMS?


I have a client who has a wordpress site as well as a password protected custom coded section enabling them to add products to a database which creates individual pages for each (outside of wordpress).

These products are in fact other people’s services and now the client wants to allow these other people to be able to login themselves and make updates to their pages (seems easy enough) however they also want to have a dashboard with updates etc as well as a private messaging system so they can message back and forth to them.

So the current log in section is a very simple custom coded setup but now with these more advanced features I’m guessing I’ll need to use ready made software and plug it all in together? Or alternatively look at a good CMS system that will do it all better?

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Is it a small group of vendors or something that will be open to the public and an indefinite number of users?

It’s a judgment call, what makes sense now and long term. You could choose your favorite framework and custom code what you need or choose a CMS that will be configurable enough to give you what you need with as little tweaking as possible.

You could use a forum software for the private messaging ability or just have a vendor viewable only forums for lead discussion/help with vendor section of website/etc whatever the purpose.

Perhaps since Wordpress is already in use, there might be a suitable vendor/product/inventory/classifieds or shopping cart addon that can be used to just list the products as needed and just use WP to authenticate users.

It’s kind of like a franchise model where they pay (offline) to be promoted with their own mini website and have the tools they need (info) to offer their services. The front end site at present actually is not based on wordpress yet but a blog feature is now required.

I am now considering Joomla which seems to offer more of the required functionality built in (user login and messaging) as well as a wealth of plug ins which may do what we need and can perhaps replace the current site and the database part keeping things perhaps easier to manage for future expansion.

Well it looks like I have my work cut out!

Have you used Joomla?

I haven’t used Joomla for a long while but there are a lot of resources and help available if you go that route.