What would be the best CRUD generating system for this site?

Can you help? I am looking for the best CRUD generation system (like phpgenerator, Laravel, Xcrud, etc.) for my situation (see below).

I have a small website with 7 pages. Each page has a different layout and other functions. For example one page has a slider, you can slide 3 people subpages (title, photo, description text)… another page has 3 columns and a title, another page has a big image and in the middle is a text box, etc. etc. But the client would like to be able to edit / manage the content of each page without knowing HTML. I was thinking about using a CRUD generation system because this would save time and I would not have to start programming a custom PHP webapplication. I could create a Table for each page (title, column left [wysiwyg editor], column right, photo, etc.).

What is the best CRUD generation system for this (paid or free)? Must CRUD generating systems have multiple rows and many fields (for example movie database, products, etc.). I just want to allow access to 7 pages and I can create 7 database tables (1 for each page).

What solution would you suggest for me?

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