What would a good cart solution be for my situation?

Hi guys/gals,

I manufacture automotive parts but I only have 5 or 6 things right now. I currently have a home-made shopping cart but it’s out of date and I want to upgrade. We originally wrote it in ASP/SQL and integrated with Authorize.net. A.net changed some stuff, so we turned off automatic payment and decided to just use the virtual web terminal to run charges automatically.

As far as the products go, in some cases I have one product that fits on 20 different cars, so I would have a page and at the bottom I would like to have each fitment listed separately, because they are really different products.

Other products are universal, but you could order them in different colors (for example, think of a shift knob). There could even be 2 or 3 options (i.e. aluminum or steel, black or chrome, etc).

But in the end, it’s a relatively short list of products.

The main thing is that I don’t want to have a whole framework for a website - I already have a website now with tech support documents, and a nice layout and workflow. I just want something that when the user clicks “buy now”, they go through a simple checkout process.

Ideally (not mandatory, but would be nice) it would be great if the system

-Automatically charges the customers card
-Emails them and me about the order
-Allows me to integrate with USPS so I can click a button to print out a shipping label
-Auto-emails the customer with the tracking number
-Allows for coupon or discount codes, where I could sell “gift certificates”, or I could give a customer a 10% off coupon that would be valid only for them, or I could go a global sale where anyone using a given code gets X% off for a pre-determined time.

Right now my site is ASP/SQL but the only stuff that requires the ASP is server side includes and the shopping cart.

I looked at OSCommerce and lots of others - they were pretty complicated for what I need. And the main thing is that I just want something to handle the shopping cart - not impose it’s own framework on my whole site.

For an example: www.glacern.com - I like that shopping cart setup.

Hi Hydrazine. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

I recommend you check out third party carts. They do all the heavy lifting, and you just pay either a monthly fee and/or just a little fee per transaction. You can style the payment pages just like your own site, so the customers don’t know they’ve left your site. You just put PayNow buttons on your site that add products to a cart and take customers to the 3rd party site.

Some nice examples include FastSpring, FoxyCart and Plimus.

Of course, there’s always PayPal, too.

Thanks for the welcome and the info, I will check your recommendations out tonight when I get home.

A lot of the big providers either want to sell you their expensive software to run on your own server, or make use of their hosted solution - so it’s been tough to find that something in-between.

PayPal would work OK, except I already have an eBay store w/PayPal that we use to move out scratch-and-dent inventory under another business name. PayPal doesn’t want you to have 2 accounts with the same physical address but different business names, and using the same one would create a link between our eBay “seconds” store and the main retail outlet, which is something we’re trying to avoid. Google Checkout seems similar to PayPal but it seems really obvious that you’re leaving the business’ website when you go to Google Checkout.

Ideally I would have a checkout button, and a “Checkout with PayPal” and “Checkout with Google” buttons on the last page of the cart :slight_smile:

Those 3rd party carts often offer the option of paying with PayPal.

A lot of the big providers either want to sell you their expensive software to run on your own server, or make use of their hosted solution - so it’s been tough to find that something in-between.

I think these are the in-between you are after. They look like your site, but just the buying facility itself is hosted externally—not the rest of your site. So they are very handy. I’m leaning towards Fastspring these days, because they don’t charge a monthly fee, and they offer to deposit the funds directly in your regular bank account, instead of requiring you also to pay for a payment gateway and a merchant bank account. There are lots of other provider, though, so I can provide a longer list if you want.