What Will Social Media traffic Be Like in 100 Years?

It is my curiosity , What Will Social Media traffic Be Like in 100 Years? I want to know more about this topic. A group discussion Will help me a lot.

Simon Moz

Really? You expect to be around in 100 years and want to start planning early?

Seriously, nobody can predict the future. Even speculating about social media traffic five or ten years from now is just guess-work. Many things could change in that time. It seems a very odd question to ask, so perhaps you could explain a bit more fully why you’re asking. Otherwise, I fear your question is unlikely to be taken seriously.


I bet social media won’t exist by then :slight_smile:

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What Will Social Media traffic Be Like in 100 Years?

The phrase “social media traffic” implies that you think that social media will be the same then as it is now. My assumption is that it won’t even remotely be the same thing. 100 years from now isn’t even in the realm of predictable. 100 years ago, they were producing Model T Fords and using vacuum tube contraptions to amplify sound on early telephone systems. It would have been simply impossible to predict what our state of affairs would be in this day and age, and I think it’s likewise implausible to make such predictions today about the next century.

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I found a rather interesting infographic from 2014 on how social media will be like in 100 years. However I have a hard time believing in anything it says. From there, I predict that those names (Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest, Yelp and even the big ones!) might not exist anymore. I honestly think social media won’t exist anymore!

That’s more like a ten year prediction rather than 100. All those changes are too predictable to take longer than 10 years for them to happen if they happen at all.

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