What will happen to php and web developing after android and smartphones comming?

hi there
I am a web developer and using Yii framework base on php language.
My question is will developing websites die after android and smartphone coming? nowadays everyone like to check anything in her/his mobile that is so handier and easier that websites to check.

As I see it, as php is used on the server rather than the client it shouldn’t necessarily make any difference. It’s not as if smartphones are particularly new, after all.

Thanks for you reply.
But I think the most use of PHP in future will be only in its web services instead of building websites.

So basically you’re asking if one thinks apps will make websites obsolete?

I can’t predict the future, but I have a feeling that because websites can be found by a search, and apps need to be downloaded, probably not.

As for coding work, I think writing code for apps will be in addition to coding sites, not replace

There is a move TO the cloud - in the future more applications will actually run on the web rather than having to be downloaded.

Thanks a lot.
So, is it better to start learning for example java language for android and also continuing website development (PHP in my case)?

IMHO Java might be a bit of a learning curve.
A lot will depend on how familiar you are with OOP
Learning Java won’t hurt, just that it might take a while before you can code up an app.

Yes you right about OOP, but building android app is not so so much hard. In the past I tried to build some, they are not very nice and complete, but suppose that they are my first apps.
You can take a look at them here and here.

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