What will be the future of SEO in 2013?

Some SEO Professional say that content marketing while other say Social Media engagement is the key. I think that both are the important factors. What you think?

I think we’ll know in 2014. :lol:

I’m sure many factors will continue to play their part in search ranking, including these two. The main thing to focus on is offering good content on your site.

I think SEO will grow more and more in 2013 as you know google is trying to make no stone unturned to get rid of black hat techniques we will be seeing some new and good techniques in the coming years in SEO.

Hopefully, the market will finally realise/be forced the importance of producing useful content instead of spending 10% of the budget on producing rubbish content and then 10 times as much on trying to fiddle it up in the serps.

I think the future of seo will be robotic. It means you will add a software to your site and it will do the backlink job with good qulity content and this software will make content by itself. All you need is do some social media marketing, it means create few group in major social media site and make customer. All we are search engine optimizer will gone in museum.

I think seo will have more bright future in upcoming years. As day by day people are giving importance to online processes rather than any physical process.

That true but day by day Google changing their algorithm and making it TUFF. Its really hard to get high rank now a days.

No it’s not. Try a million keywords, and you will find millions of pages that rank in the top 5.

I think that as Google tries harder to combat Black hat SEO, negative SEO will play a huge role in 2013.

I heard that SEO is no more but I don’t believe it, it would focus on quality work in 2013.

black hat seo is certainly one thing that will always be present, people think everyday about how to get page ranked quickly

Google won’t like to do work with automatic software and it may be considered as spam in Google’s eye. So, according to me that future of SEO will be good. SEO will be fine as long as it will work under the guidelines of Google. So, we do not need to go to museum if we do quality works (White Hat SEO).

SEO is getting Hard Now a days. I guess google hate SEO’s now. I stopped optimizing my pages, now i am just concentrating on adding new content everyday also doing social media marketing. Results are too good. Getting good traffic from google. Google loves you if your visitors loves your website content.

I agree that google loves as visitors love your content but still it is very hard nowadays for new sites to get noticed by google. I hope 2013 will be a year of great fresh site bonus :wink:

@ Kuszeras . The age of the domain is also a major ranking factor. New Domains possibly won’t rank very well in google.

And I think that is quite unfair as it is very hard for the new sites to get noticed and I hope that will be subject to change in 2013 :).

Google isn’t about being fair to webmasters, it’s about giving people the best results it can. They reckon that a site that has been around for a few years is more likely to be helpful and trustworthy than one that popped up last week. I’m not sure I can see anything to argue with there.

Of course that is true. I just take a look from my point of view :). Let’s hope that after a few years I will change my mind and think big and old sites should be loved more ;).

But to be honest I would say it is all about measuring. New sites need boost of visitors and should be given a chance - like send there 0.001% of users and measure their behavior - were they long on the site, did they search further etc. That is how it should be done if the site is trustworthy and not age.

On personal view and experience SEO is getting tough and tougher now a days because of recent Google Panda and Penguin updates, many webmasters and bloggers are surviving to get visitors through search engine so i can see the end era of SEO in 2013

The future of SEO in 2013 is good. Only those who do quality work in SEO will survive in the industry.Internet service will grow multifold in coming years in india.simultaneously Google upgrading his services, so only quality work in SEO will stay in market.