What width should banners be?

Im making a banner for a wordpress site. Normally I would use a wee image and tile it horozontally, but in this instance, I want a specific image across the 960 area so tiling wont work to achieve the effect.

Is there a standard for this? Im thinking to make the image 1920 wide, so even if its on a large-ish screen thats maximised it will fit the full screen.

Is this a sensible proposition? Or should I make the image wider than that?

What is the general accepted practice for these things?

You can end up chasing your tail a bit with this. Some people will have even wider screens. You don’t want the image to be gigantic (in dimensions and file size) just in case there’s someone on a huge screen. I prefer to keep the image size to the width of the main content and have a nice background color that the image merges with. Even if you use a wide image, still think in terms of a complementary bg color.

AHA :slight_smile: So in that case, I could make the banner “fade” at the edges (transparent) and then use a background thats a close approximation of the main colour of the banner. So even if someone has a ridiculously big screen, it will still look ok.

Hadnt thought of that (light bulb)

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Exactly! Of course, it doesn’t have to to fade, but that does work nicely in some circumstances. Depends on the image to some extent.

See the standard width would be around 720-960 pixels, as banner needn’t cover the whole width of the page. Also, if have a banner of size 19xx suppose a person with resolution 800 by 600 visit your site then ?