What version of WampServer should I download?

Never mind with my question Below. I see I can use Wamp for my Mac. I have a lot to learn. lol Onwards and upwards with the tutorial. :slight_smile:
Hello everyone,
What version of WampServer should I download? I have a choice of 64 bit or 32 bit. I am also running OSX Yosemite. Can I even use it on a Mac or is this something that is strictly server base?

I’m currently taking the SitePoint video tutorial on My SQL and I want to master this subject. I’ve been working on My SQL at work so I want to really become an expert.

In general you should go for 64bit, but it depends on your computer. You can check whether your Mac is 64 or 32 bit yourself, by the techniques introduced in this article:

Also I am afraid WAMP is not the right choice for you at all, the letter ‘W’ in ‘WAMP’ stands for windows, while you have a Mac. You should google for MAMP and see what you can get from there instead.

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