What type of websites are most popular at the moment


I want to start and design few websites for my portfolio, and most importantly as a way of learning the right things. I was wondering if you have any idea what type of websites are post popular (amongst real world clients). I am asking so that I don’t work on something that no one may want.


I think you need to be a bit more specific. HTML websites are popular (and no, I’m not joking, as some people still build Flash websites :crazy: ).

that is the kind of result I got from all my google search, but no, this time I am looking for something different.

what I mean by which are more popular is: portfolios, shopping cards, blogs … - again a quick answer would be, “well depends on what the client wants”, but I don’t have clients so which type of websites (ie. blog or …) would a potential employer want to see in my portfolio.

I believe I am up to date with the “popular” technologies (html, css2/3 …) But I want to make sure that not only am I using the latest techniques, but also creating websites that are most in demand … creating fake projects, but which are close to what the market is most in demand of.


It probably depends on where you are and what kind of clients you can expect to attract. The main industry here is tourism, so small, static sites (e.g. for guest-houses, small hotels, etc.) are most in demand. I doubt if that’s the case in urban areas. So really, you need to work out where your client base will be coming from to get an idea of what they’re likely to be wanting.

There are certain skills that are good to have, such as knowing how to set up a cart, or a CMS, or to use JS etc. The more options you can provide to a client, the better. So I would say focus on skills rather than building whole websites for show that will be of no use to anyone.

that’s right, the skills I try to focus on are: php, jquery, WordPress, prestashop, and I will start playing around with html5 and css3. Though in order to “showcase” these skills I think it be nice to have 3-6 whole examples for portfolio

I am working on wordpress themes and prestashop, it there anything else I thought be looking at?

Who is the intended audience for this portfolio? Are you looking for a job, or potential clients? It’s also good to consider what you are really interested in / good at. You don’t necessarily have to please everyone, though the more skills you have, the more you can offer, I suppose.

It is for a job, at the moment I dont want to work as a freelance,
I am good web design (able to deliver pleasing designs) and I want/am learning php, to be a web developer.

  • as I wait to get a job (which I dont feel the rush) I do not want to fall behind on anything. Even though I am not working for anyone, the only downside to that should be the finance, So I asked this as a way to know if I am keeping up with what people in the industry are doing

If you want a functioning website for your portfolio you might want to consider building one for a local nonprofit organization. I am sure you must have a friend or family member who would like a website for their church, club, association, etc. Use a CMS so they can update it themselves.

Well it depends… it client wants a static website with no future maintainance then u can go for wordpress, joomla etc.
But if website is dynamic and in future it may be extendable then go for HTML…

When you say “so that I don’t work on something that no one may want” are you saying that you don’t want to take a job for a client that will not reflect well in your portfolio for potential employers to see your work?

I think employers want to see a range. You don’t have to know every little thing. They just want to see that you have a command. Sometimes an employer will hire someone who has promise, and will train them up on what specific technologies they want to work with. Nobody knows everything. Don’t think that you have to. It’s more important to try to get some range. Static site, e-comm site, etc. Just design them well with solid practices and respond to the client’s needs rather than what you want.

How about a “How To” blogging site? Blog sites are all the rage and help to perpetuate the social networking aspects of the web. A “How To” site also doesn’t hem you into any one specific niche.

if you are in need of seo,then html with standard coding style will be beneficial for you.
google spiders wont be able to read much in the flash website…so the index ing of your site will be in low

what kind of websites you built till today ? If not,do start any of your own ,just as a practice.this would really help you to enhance your skills while developing it

Presently social networking websites are most popular like facebook, twitter, google+. Most of the people are using these websites for sharing there events and commenting on their wall postings.

Are you advising that the poster create another Facebook for his portfolio?

Social networking !!! Hands down !!

Right making another pointless social networking site in an already crowded space. That is going to go down well. (Meaning it won’t even last a month, the only user would be yourself and maybe a friend or two whole don’t actually use it.) Really, why not do something new and innovative? Why must it be something popular that you will never get any thing from, requisition or income?