What type of website to build?

Can anyone suggest on what type of website should I build that would help/benefit the people in my country one way or the other??

I’m planning on building a free ads site for them to freely advertise there stuff’s and services, I’m also planning on making a site where all their basic life questions will be answered, like how to get a drivers license, how start a business etc… but I don’t think that would help people here at all.

I need something new and creative that will somehow make people learn how to catch a fish instead of giving them fish to feed their families. But the problem is that I don’t know how and one thing I know people are struggling because of poverty here.

Web development is my profession so I’m thinking on how I can make a difference through a website… :wink:

I just want to contribute something good for my country.

Can anyone suggest a type of website for this.

Perhaps offer a Wiki, it will allow people to contribute information and build a wide source of knowledge directly aimed at your niche subject. This way you can have multiple authors involved and people who live within your country can give their support, note that the downside of this would be the requirement to verify the information being added. :slight_smile:

thanks for the suggestion, but I think i’ll just go for the free ads so that people will be encouraged to go for business and i’ll just help them on promoting their businesses.

I think that’s a good start.

build a forum… since forums can discuss all things (general forums) you can read comments and suggestions about certain things in your country. you can also get problems of people from the area and the good thing is that people from the same country can suggest the answers or suggestions to this problems.

Well i would like to suggest you to build up a website in which you are pretty good on which you allot of information for e.g if you are into sports why don’t you create a website about sports then… I hope my suggestion will help you :slight_smile:

The biggest key when starting a site is to do it about a subject matter you are fond of as the previous poster said. Otherwise chances are you will lose interest in the not too distant future.

It sounds like what you want is an informational/educational site along the lines of what Chris Beasley (who goes by the name aspen here on SitePoint) did with Website Publisher.

Which begs the question - what topic do you want to teach people?

maybe a directory/information design would be good?

Sounds like craigslist meets Yahoo answers. But focused on your area. Sounds good. How would you monetize it? Google?

It could become a complicated and time intensive project.

do something relevant…economy, recession, and bankruptcy are all very relevant things right now.

A blog would probably be the best choice. You can always add a forum later.

Hey, I think I got a new idea… I didn’t push through with the free classified since I think it will only benefit those who doesn’t really need help… What I’m really targeting to help are those people who does not even have any idea on how to use a computer and the internet…

So i’m planning on exploring my town looking for those people and I will freely promote their services/products here online through my site… I think that’s a good start…

But I think I can’t do it alone… T_T

So if ever I can find these people hope you’ll all support them…

It’s really sad since many of their products and services are really great and cool but they just can’t show it to the world… So what I will do is to try to let the world see how talented and skillful my “kababayans” are…

But now I still don’t know where to start and i’m alone on this self-proclaimed mission of mine.

Whatever you set up remember with free links you’ll be flooded with spam. Plan from the beginning on how to deal with this and you’ll be much happier.

Yes, you will need to make sure if you offer free links and referrals to make sure you have a system in place to stop your website being spammed by bots. Otherwise your website may be seen as a link farm and then you will run the risk of being sunk by the search engines.

I think you’ve got a number of good ideas, aguroyz. Maybe another would be some sort of content-driven site with revenue sharing of some type, like Squidoo does, or many others. Throw up google adsense, build traffic, share revenue with your users; that’s one way to confront the poverty issue with web design / development.


An ads site would be good, anything where users can post things locally would be great for your community.
Local users should be able to use it to check out upcoming events and stuff…

Just make sure the site is interest and is sticky. Otherwise you’ll be spending a great deal of time with very limited success. Research sites that appeal to you and try to gain ideas on useful content, design, style, theme and how to set up your directory.
Good luck

I would suggest you to build a blog or a forum because by making such kind of social website, your website will be popular and you will also get traffic on it.

I think the best choice would be a WP blog, and maybe a forum to make a community around your blog.