What type of website is earning these days?

3-4 years ago I was heavily involved with developing websites, building a visitor base, and selling them for a nice profit. I was mainly into myspace layout sites. I’m now looking to get back into website management as a side job. I’m working full time at a job that gives me the extra time to manage a site during the day and I have plenty of time at night. Now that myspace is out, what type of website should I start/buy? What kind of sites are getting a lot of “free” traffic from google and social media? Im not a writer so I don’t want a blog site and social media type start ups seem to be a flooded market. I am primarily interested in sites that use ads for profit, but I would consider other options. Other than that, I am open to new ideas for a site that might earn a little extra side cash.

Check out flippa.com

I agree with feketegy. The best way to know what’s selling is to check what is getting the higher bids in flippa and similar webs.

Yea, I have definitely looked around. Its getting hard to sort through whats real and what a scam(or misleading).

I’m afraid that’s with everything. Too many people think that can make an easy buck. So many of them that I guess it is not that easy! :lol:

This is the question isn’t it? I think if we knew the answer we’d all be rich!

Maybe some of us are already?!

Of course, of course :shifty: I guess that would be you :slight_smile:

Definitely not me! I don’t know the answer to this question!

I bet Mark Zuckerberg was an active SitePoint member…

Let me know when you find out, will you?

I don’t know about Zuckerberg, but I do recall Matt Mullenweg (WordPress creator) to have been active a bit on here a few years ago, unless my memory is completely failing me…

Some of the flippa adds made me smile :lol:

Flippa is a good source of information regarding the latest trends and price guides.

Maybe, but some of the guys posting ads there are a bit…unrealistic? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think bogs are the great of earning now a days it is and for web site you can check flippa

There are so many posts which has their own views but according to me the site or blog contains the latest update on it and it also contains the advertisement to get the best earning.

Social media sites are earning big these days. Site like Facebook and Twitter dominates sales.