What type of site to sell items?


I’m familiar with HTML / CSS and I could muck up a website no problem.

However, I’m trying to help a friend out who is trying to start up a business on the side. He’s making specialized pieces of equipment, lets say made of iron, for gyms / clubs etc. Now, we could easily get a website on the go with detailed information about said products. But how do we sell them? I’m just trying to figure out the best setup to allow companies to purchase items.

Assuming this person has quite a high profile in their own industry of work so things might pick up a bit more traffic and revenue than normal cases. So Perhaps using a link to PayPal but would that incur more changes for sales of goods / services.

So whats the easiest style of online shop do you recommend?


That’s rather a broad question. What styles have you looked at?

The world could do without another mucked up website! :slight_smile:

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