What type of Penalty is?

My website is jetairwayskonnectselect.org.in
It has good content and also had good ranking on Google India. but now all my site’s targeted keywords dropped to 5,6 and 7th pages. I also face this kind of penalty on other many sites.

I don’t know why Google penalize site even i didn’t make any spam links for the site.

I also want to know is there any tool to know site penalty and solution to recover penalty.

Thank and Please Help

I don’t know any tools can check penalty reason, so can’t help you on that. But I think you should check what you have done to your websites recently and wait, since Google updates PageRank so frequently, it might be just another dance.

The answer s very simple, your every web pages has same content… I don’t understand the reason of publishing same content on all the main tabs of your website.

If you have less content, you can chop off the content into different pages. I am very sorry to say but your website is penalized for duplicate content.

How you are sure that it’s penalized because of duplicate content.

It has no duplicate content but all few tab have home page link so you think it duplicate page :frowning:
I am not satisfied with your answer.

Google is indexing this homepage once. if i add homepage link to any anchor text or tab. Does Google count it as another page or backlink for the homepage.

I just found the type of penalty. It -50 penalty from Google.

Many of my sites got penalized by Google. I don’t know whats wrong with Google. Even I was not working on those sites from a short-long time.

But now i want to know the period of this penalty. How much time it will take to remove penalty from those sites.

there are too many elements for ranking…

if you stop making new links than also could be possible to get lower rank or losing rank.
if some website making more external links than possible is more.

it’s not like that what you r doing wrong… there are nothing wrong but you have to first off all do competitor analysis.