What type of License to go? GNU GPL or anything else?

Hi All,

First Thanks in advance in spending your time for my question.

We are developing a PHP based web app and likes to give it to users for a flat fee. We give the source code to those who buy. They can modify the app code to suite their own but should not re-distribute the actual code or the modified code.

We cannot call this as an Open Source as we are restricting them from redistributing the codes. What type of license should we call this?

Thanks a lot.

You don’t have to use someone else’s license. Don’t call it anything. Write down your own terms (“you can modify the code for your own use but may not redistribute it in original or altered form”) and have the client agree to that at purchase.

GPL or any other copyleft license would be the opposite of what you want.

Thank you much Dan Grossman.

It makes sense to have our own license text. Just on curiosity, like to know if there is any general license type people use, like the one we require.