What type of job

What type of job do you have?
I run a hosting business. And you ???

I am a Community and Social Media Manager. :slight_smile:

Computer Programmer.


I am not an employee, I just play a game on internet.[/B]

I call myself a Serial Rails Developer, Logophile and ParaHacker.

But, really, I am just a grouchy old man who loves technology (and people).

Run a business or two, good job aswel!

I work in a hosting company. I am responsible mainly for the affiliate marketing program.

I run a online casino and a poker room too !

I am just a surfer who wants to know unique things on internet.

I am a web designer and seo executive…

I’m a maintenance engineer.

I am SEO Manager in eCommerce Development Company…

Webmaster in training.

But I do a bit of article writing and SEO work to keep me going.