What type of font you use most often

font that you like the most and do you think it is the best fonts


I like Vardana fonts very much.

I like Mono type Corsiva

Trebuchet MS and Arial

Gotham, because YES WE CAN

but also actually Verdana because of its utterly amazing readability (arial and helvetica can NOT touch this duh da-da-duh, da-duh, da-duh, hammertime)…

For web, usually Verdana, with Arial as a second choice unless the style works better with a serif font.

For printing something from Word/InDesign I personally really like the look of Baskerville Old Face instead of Times New Roman.

Arial is supposed to be the best for webpages as this are is one of the top fonts that are on all computers regardless of how old they are or what OS / Browser is being used

I use Times new roman and also Arial.

I like Mono type Corsiva but I am using Times New Roman.

But but but… Arial cannot show you the difference between I and l.
lIlIlIlIlIlIlI <–arial
lIlIlIlIlI <–verdana (if you have these fonts)

is it WWII ir WWll? World War LL?? Verdana tells you.

I’ve become a huge fan of the new fonts in Vista / Office 07 / Win7 like Calibri and Constantina, their beautiful - if your machine has font smoothing available. :slight_smile:

^I agree they look nice, just a shame they’re on the small side. : (

I was previously using verdana most of the time.

But now Using Arial for paragraph elements and Verdana for Heading elements.

But I wish I could be able to use Mac’s Monaco for my designing or Windows 7’s Segoe UI.

What fun is that?

You ought to be able to tell based
on the word this character is used in.

Comic Sans!!! 100% of the time!! On EVERYTHING!!

lol, just kidding. Seriously though, it really doesn’t matter which font you like to use, it’s what your visitors have on their computer. Having a good font stack that you like is the important thing.

Great name for a punk rock band!

I tend to use Calibri, looks quite cooL!

what type of font you use most often

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I tend to Sans-serif typefaces for body-copy on the web… seems to work out best that way eh :slight_smile:

For webdev, Arial