What topics is the most popular and read by communities?

I’ve created a brand-new platform including tweets, blogs, and forums.
I’m now curious about the subjects that will bring in the most visitors to my website.
I’ve researched it and sought for further information, but I haven’t come across much that will assist me start.
Anyone have a suggestion?

Not that popular right now, but I guess it will more and more important. Green Sites. Basically it is about speed and that is the most frequent asked question on forums. For SEO, attracting and keeping visitors and increase Google ranking,

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Thank you @sibertius for your quick reply, I will check this link !

I find that Google keyword search tool is kind of useful to find inspiration about which topics can be more relevant and insteresting, as well as to find out if you have a lot of competition for a particular topic.

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You can try google trend to find out which topics users want to read.

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Thank you, @molona.

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Thank you, @anjalimehta98987

I think the most popular topics that people read in communities are usually local news, events, sport and discussions about music/films, also product feedback, and of course education topics for students

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Thank you @maxlakonsky14

I think the most popular topics are website development and search console, sitemap and indexing issues, which everyone faces. Covered these topics first

Thank for your great advice

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