What tool do they used to make this?

I wonder what tool they use to make things like the one on this webpage:


look below the blue header, the rollover spots on the image (which looks like something made with flash but it isn’t), and when you select another image from below then it slides to the top. I suppose this is some of that new html5/css3 things? or javascript? do they code that by hand or is there a tool to make things similar to those?

I want to build webpage similar to that one but I need to know what things should I learn or what tools should I get.

Thanks for the help!

From what I see, they just use the CSS3 “transformation” property (scale) to increase the overall size upon hover. Clever really.

Either that or on hover they use CSS sprites and change the background image. But I think from what I’ve seen from the code, it’s the transformation property going into effect :).

Just looked further, yep

[COLOR=#000000]#overlays li:hover span {[/COLOR]
	-webkit-transform: scale(1) !important;}