What To Watch Today From Youtube?

Fellow Programmers,

An hr before I roll off to sleep, I nearly always download for an hr entertainment or php tutorial videos from youtube. Got about 100 downloads at present on php tutorials. Was wondering what to download tonight and then something came to my mind:


However, you guys are welcome to make me suggestions on what to download regarding php that you think would accelerate my php learning.

I always use the following to download youtube videos:


Getting tired of copying urls of vids to those sites manually. Have to go through this nonsense now. Now, I’m thinking, I might aswell build a bot (.exe) that keyword queries youtube and then shows a list of results from youtube with checkboxes on the side of each video so I can easily check which videos to download (will add a multi check box) and then click the download button and all videos would get auto downloaded. Ofcourse, I can add more options like download videos based on poularity or views or schannel subscriptions and so on but I won’t bother with all that now.
What I’m thinking right now is to attempt to build a web version of this bot (.php). Have you guys ever thought of building it ? It would sell well. Anyway, if I build the .exe bot, I just hope I remember to add a download link in this forum for everyone to download. Especially, the ones who have helped me out so far in php coding and learning.

Back in 2012, I once built a .exe bot that finds you WP blogs that still have their commenting section open and then posts your comment. Haven’t sold any copy yet. Now thinking of adding a spinner. Also, pondering to build a web version with curl. You guys are gonna help me out with my curl learning. :slight_smile:
I look forward to your “preachings”. No, I won’t ask you to build my web bot. I’ll ask basic questions where I get stuck on general web scraping.
I’m really looking forward to finish learning curl. I am very creative. Hold your breath and see where my enthusiastic mind leads me to.
I have a good brain and eye to spot improvements on things important in life. Everywhere, I look around me, I come-up with improvements. I can think of improvements to forums and social networks and searchengines. In the very near future, I am going to build my own php forum with all my unique features. You guys would love it so much to spend half your forum times at my forum. :wink:

PS - Not spamming this forum. Note no sales message nor affiliate or order links. Just speaking my mind that’s all. Sick and tired of seeing sloppiness all over the world. I’ll use my php skills to contribute to the internet to weed-out a lot of sloppiness.

PPS - During my php learning, my very 1st project was to build a social network or member login site. Gonna compete with facebook, twitter, reddit, digg, stumbleupon, tumblr, delicio.us, pinterest, etc. Gonna reveal some of my unique feature ideas in this forum soon so lookout for my threads and give me feed-back. I don’t mind you copying my ideas and building your own. Aslong as my unique feature ideas are LIVE & KICKING online somewhere on the internet then I am happy because they would be viral money making feature or viral traffic ideas that would benefit every member.

My 2nd project would be to build a web crawler, indexer and a searchengine to compete with google. I have unique feature ideas that, unless the big guys copy my ideas and give me some credit they will all go bankrupt.

My 3rd project would be to build a forum. Gonna bore you again: I have unique feature ideas that, unless the big guys, along with this forum, copy my ideas and give me some credit they will all go bankrupt.

Not being big headed but realistic. You are welcome to critisize my feature ideas only once you’ve heard them. Don’t be sarcastic in advance. You never know, you might regret it. Just like I’ll regret for rambling like this now with sleep in my head. I’ll wake-up and come to my senses and think why didn’t I keep my mouth shut and just build the damn projects and then show it to everyone for feed back and approval. Boasting in advance is gonna end up you losing those who probably would’ve helped you compete with the big guys.
Anyway, got to roll off to sleep. Over & out! :thumbsup:
Now, you ponder, if I’m serous about my claims or was i just entertaining you all just before I roll off to sleep. Ha! Ha! Keep wondering but don’t wander away too much! Lol!

Good night!

I just have one request - please make your crawler respect robots.txt and crawl-delay directive so that we don’t have to block another bot that puts unwelcome strain on our servers!

Of course, personally I’m far from being sarcastic and criticizing anything in advance.

I’m also trying to be realistic, therefore I’m not going to be sarcastic now at all. I will wait one year and see your progress so please don’t forget to tell us about it. I’ll be happy to congratulate you in one year on your new projects that are growing with new users everyday. And I’ll be happy to congratulate you in three years on becoming as successful as the current big players you have mentioned - and in five years on making them go bankrupt by you taking most of their market share! Or, did I underestimate your plans and you want to achieve that much sooner? :smiley:


@uniqueideaman: I’ve removed the links to the downloaders. Downloading videos is expressly prohibited in YouTube TOS, and we don’t want to encourage folk to do something which is not permitted.

you agree not to access Content or any reason other than your personal, non-commercial use solely as intended through and permitted by the normal functionality of the Service, and solely for Streaming. “Streaming” means a contemporaneous digital transmission of the material by YouTube via the Internet to a user operated Internet enabled device in such a manner that the data is intended for real-time viewing and not intended to be downloaded (either permanently or temporarily), copied, stored, or redistributed by the user.

9.1 With the exception of Content submitted to the Service by you, all other Content on the Service is either owned by or licensed to YouTube, and is subject to copyright, trade mark rights, and other intellectual property rights of YouTube or YouTube’s licensors. Any third party trade or service marks present on Content not uploaded or posted by you are trade or service marks of their respective owners. Such Content may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of YouTube or, where applicable, YouTube’s licensors. YouTube and its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to their Content.



Both those things sound horribly like Spamming to me.

No matter what you might use it for, I fail to see the value of a spinner. (I’m assuming from the context that you mean a content spinner.) I have yet to find one that turns out good quality English, so why use one? Why allow it to mangle your comments? (If you’ve copied the content from elsewhere, then that is plagiarism, whether or not you then try to disguise the fact by spinning.)

We see a lot of spun content here, from people with nothing useful of their own to contribute. (You won’t have noticed it, because it’s removed; we don’t want the forums filling up with junk.)

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You can check youtube trends.


Help! This guy is really a lemon juice. His sarcacism is really teasy with a slight sting to the tongue (lemony)! Lol! But the sting is not like a sting from a bumble bee (which I hate). Anyone wishing to criticize any opinions are welcome to behave like this fellow. Infact, such criticism tickles me. I like it. Ha! Ha!

Yes, you’ve underestimated my plans. Would’ve been better if you overestimated it instead. Ha! The very moment I finish learning php, there will be a big bang on the internet. All big names would be gasping for breath and holding their breath for my ventures to pass them by without trampling them to death. One trample from me is as good as an elephant stampede. Lol!
I’m curious to ask: Would you like to join in ? I mean, in building my dreams. My projects would be live & kicking online faster if I have a few experienced buddies working with me.
Btw, I’m not capitalist commercial type. I mean, I’m not like google, microsoft, facebook and the capitalist like who build their sites for commercial purpose. I’m more of a unixy flavour guy. I see things and spot flaws. I use my brain cells to tackle the problem (problem solver or solution finder). I make suggestions for the benefit of the public. I get thanks. But I don’t see any action being taken. I feel ignored. Therefore, instead of advising others on how to improve things I might aswell build my own stuffs and compete with them for the sake of the public’s welfare. That way, when they lose the market then it’ll teach them for not listening.
What’s your website or business model ? Let’s see if I can come-up with any improvements. It will be good mental exercise for me. Now, you don’t know what to reply. Start thinking how to avoid the question or how to brush me off so I lose interest in your website. You might aswell start-off by saying “I don’t have a website”. Lol! No, you haven’t fallen in with a crook. More like a new upstart. If you get what I mean. Lol!

I was worried about that myself. Was hesitating to mention about my .exe bots here but the only reason I mentioned it is because I wanted the intermediate and advance level programmers to take me seriously and not think this is just another naive (php beginner) new comer who’s dreaming too much. Has no experience in programming and is flagging his tongue to high. Wait till he learns a little php then he’ll realize his plans are impossible and he’ll quieten down and get out of here (like most upstarts do) double quick the pace he dropped in here. The whole purpose of mentioning that .exe bot that finds you wp blogs with commenting section open was to prove that I only put my mind to what is “unique” or “rare”. Therefore, when I say I will build my own unique social network and own unique searchengine and own unique forum then I’m not bluffing. Had to show some sort of a history that I have when it comes to being one in a million or unique and that was the first thing that came into my sleepy head when I was about to go to bed! :wink:

Now, I’m gonna be thinking subconsciously (at the back of my head) how to improve your forum’s features so contributors earn not only reputation and website traffic but money too. A sort of a reward for their time contributions. An idea to attract more users to your forum and an idea to get them glued to it. If you don’t like my features then doesn’t matter. I’ll add them to my own forum (php learning project).

I’m not so sure the “I only developed the tool, I’m not responsible for how it gets used” would be a good defense. eg.


You think I will build something that people would use it illegally and get me in trouble ?
What do you have in mind that I will build ?

Not the search engine or forum. But the video downloader. AFAIK, even leaving the ethics concerning copyright aside, most sources have TOS limiting use.

So if your intent was for others to use it for limited personal use, but some decided to redistribute protected content, where would a court of law place the blame?
Would you be prepared to pay damages, or even the Court costs if it was felt you were culpable?

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You are right. I had forgotten this topic. I remember now, back in 2010/11 I was very fussy for 12+ mnths what bot to build (.exe) as I saw users might make use of it in a risky way and land me in trouble. I just saw other botters not too fussy about the topic and me asking questions like these in their forum was slowly turning me into a bore some and so I quit asking such questions. Over the yrs I forgotten about the sensitivity side of this topic as I have not come across any programmer falling in trouble for what the customer or user did.
Anyway, you’ve reminded me now to be m cautious self, again. You’ve yanked me out of my fast pacing horse (like a tree branch yanks you off your horse-back if your jacket gets tangled on it somewhere when passing underneath it). Yanked me 6-7yrs back to my bot building beginning yrs. Mmm. Will have to begin my web programming carrier in like manner too! Cautious manner. Thanks for reminding me. I mean, thanks for bringing up the subject.
Yeah, might aswell forget the projects that risk infringing on intellectual copyrights.

Oh man! Don’t tell you dirty spammers spin content and then spam your forum!
Anyway, like I said, I’m the type that finds flaws in a system or whatever and then improves it. Sometimes defeating all negativity from all sides. I’ll keep this spam issue at the back of my head and see if I can come-up with a solution to weed-out spam from the face of the internet once and for all. I know this is naive talk as it’s been tried and failed but the internet world didn’t have me beside them back then. (Cheek!). Lol! :wink:

I’m watching these tonight. How-about you, fellows ? Try watching every single video on the first page (like me).
Then, I can count you as my youtube video watching follower (or stalker). Yikes! :wink:

Btw, Jinn is a short version for Jinnat/Jinnah (Genie). Aladin’s lamp. Ring a bell ?
And yes, when people in Usa talk about alien abduction they’re actually talking about Jinn abduction.

I really like watching music channels

You should seriously checkout all the youtube vids on that link I posted.