What to expect from Billboard advertising?

Hi… I was just sitting here brainstorming and thinking up new marketing ideas and a question came across in my mind about Billboard advertising… I’m in Houston and we have a huge new 6 lane freeway (each way) and I was wondering how effective a billboard might be for a website? I mean, thousands of people will pass by, but who really is going to bother to remember the URL and type it in? of course so many people now have the phones with internet on them, but still I am weary as to the effectiveness. In the business model I am planning I would want and need to receive at least 150-200 visits a day from that billboard alone. is this feasible? or am I a loon with no hope after all

If anyone has any experience in this area I would really wish to hear what (if any) advice you would have to offer

:slight_smile: Thanks

I agree that billboard advertising is only relevant if you believe that the customers you’re looking for are going to be passing it and acting upon it. It’s always a risk to promote your goods and services through a medium which doesn’t traditionally lend itself to web based mediums. If you really wanted to be creative and perhaps get clients from a source you haven’t tapped before, there’s always sponsoring media like podcasts or video shows… some of them get tens of thousands of listeners or viewers and it could get fresh eyes and clicks. Whatever method you go with, ensure you research the value of the investment thoroughly. :slight_smile:

Well, I won’t call you a loon just yet, but I’d have to say a billboard for many businesses would probably not be the best solution. :slight_smile:

Personally I think billboards are best suited for those with deep pockets that can afford to throw money away in the name of “branding” their business - or those that have a business that may appeal to those at that very moment, like someone looking for a place to eat or an attraction to visit.

Sure, thousands may see your billboard on the freeway, but of those…what percentage are the ideal prospect you want to get to your website? Does your site appeal to everyone or is there a particular niche that you operate in?

Just how much will this billboard cost? I don’t know what you’re selling, but if you get 100 - 200 people a day to your site, how many of those will need to buy for you to break even or make a profit?

My attitude when it comes to marketing is that just about anything is worth testing to see if it gets you results, and if you have plenty of cash it might be worth trying, but I really think there are better ways to spend your money. :smiley: