What to do


I have the domain name as leehughes.co.uk

This was a platform to which I would decide what to do (didn’t know anything about web design etc)

Now I have decided what to do I have a project in mind…

It’s a photography project say it’s called the big photography project

now i’m confused about if I should just keep my domain for which i have spent the last 5 months building a small community PR, backlinks etc and just put the big photography project into that site

Or start a new site called the bigphotographyproject.com which is does what it says on the tin…

Is it normal for a domain name to be sligthly different than the content?

I know yeah which is why I wrote this post…

Still confused… :frowning:

I suppose domain name (actual name of your web site) and content inside can be misleading a bit. Do’t you think so?


I’m going to keep the old site and just change the content… I will let other people try and figure out what’s going on :wink:

I would not start with new domain name at all. Use existing domain name. I believe that will be useful for your SEO. With new domain name you will need to get started from very beginning.

You may create new one and redirect you old one to it.

What’s in a name? You’ll find thousands of photographers using domain names that are same as their real name - example http://stephenmclaren.co.uk/

yeah but he is promoting himself when i’m doing a separate project…

maybe i’m over thinking it :confused:

Hey Lee,

I had a similiar conflict - I just went with the best of both worlds, I used my name and the line of work I was in… say for example leephotography etc

You can always use your own personal domain to promote your other websites/projects especially if it has good PR/online presence plus community - not that I’m any expert but that is what I would do and have done :slight_smile: