What to do with Yahoo

Apparently I am one of a billion people who had their information stolen from Yahoo.

What should I do?

It doesn’t seem like changing my password will do much good. After all, the hackers have my personal info and they could have already used my email to hack me further, right?

I feel like I am a dead duck. :rolleyes:

It will at least help prevent any further unauthorised access of your account.

I’m assuming you don’t use Yahoo! mail (or I’m guessing you would have immediately changed the password), but if you do, I’d abandon that address and set up a new one. Tell your friends yo ignore any further messages coming from the old address.

If you have any other accounts anywhere with the same password () or variations on it, then change them too.

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Actually I have AT&T which has used Yahoo for over a decade to implement their email service.

As you may guess, my AT&T email was my “real” email address and has been used for some pretty important things.

I did reset my password back when the first notice came out in maybe October, but now it sounds like there were multiple attacks. And the attacks were on encrypted and hashed passwords, so it wasn’t like someone guessed my password.

As far as abandoning my AT&T email, that isn’t so easy. I have had it for over 10 years now, and it is associated with every account I have ever owned. Thank God I don’t bank online!

My email has been used for so many things, there is no way I could ever clean up the past. If a hacker wanted to, they could take me to the cleaner.

That is why I said, “It doesn’t seem like changing my password will do any good.”

People at Yahoo should go to jail over this. :rage:

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