What to do with www.winlarge.co.uk and www.mydecor.co.uk


I own the domain names, www.winlarge.co.uk and www.mydecor.co.uk. They are currently listed on www.sedo.co.uk.

mydecor gets around 50 hits per month and winlarge around 10 hits per month.

I feel that these are fairly valuable domain names, but I am not currently getting the most out of them.

I would appreciate any advice on how I could maximise the potential of the domains.

Many thanks

make 2-3 article’s for your site which contains your link and submit it to different article’s site’s, don’t forget to spin the article while submitting it.

Rotate the article try not to use same article in every site.

Thank you for the response. Sorry I am quite new to this could you explain what you mean by spin the article and give me some examples of good article sites


Develop them. Do some SEO work for these domain names and that will drive some results to you.