What to do with this website project

I bought this website about 18 months ago as a project to work on, I paid a few thousand USD for it as it had some traffic circa 5k visits a month and some pages top ranked on google.

I didn’t do anything with it since I bought it & am looking to just get my money back.

At the moment monthly traffic has dropped to about 400 visits and bounce rates have gone up.

It seems like it might be a reasonable investment in time to spend 30 days on this over the holidays to be able to sell it at the price I paid for it.

Apart from posting new content everyday can anyone give me some ideas about how I could get the traffic back?

You mentioned it. Post new content. “Content is king” when it comes to getting traffic. You can optimize an old page of outdated content all you like, but if it is dated or just plain wrong due to being old, no one is going to visit.

New useful content is what search engines look for, what people click on and what people want out of sites. You can’t just optimize your way to significant traffic growth. You could do something like paid ads, but that could just be you throwing more money down the drain because again, no amount of advertising of old out dated content is going to make people want to click.

If it were me, I would take your next few days, come up with a content calendar of interesting post ideas, write a new post every few days (or write a bunch on one day and schedule them for release over time through the holidays) and make sure to use correct grammar, spelling and powerful keywords related to your site’s topics. Then perhaps drop a link on some other sites related to your site letting people know it is there.

It will take some time but they will come back if the content is good and it gets indexed properly. All it takes is one article. I once wrote an article that went from 10 views a day to 17k an hour.


wow thanks that’s inspirational, I didn’t know it was possible to get that kind of viewer increase. Gives me motivation to write some stuff. I have created a calendar of some articles on the back of your reply, thanks.

One quick question - do you think site structure is worth bothering with for new articles as I intend to offload asap? The previous owner didn’t structure things very well. Some were indexed /health/fitness/article so some kind of structure. Others were just after the home page so homepage/article. So mixed all round really.

What I notice is the best performing article followed the homepage/article structure…

I don’t want to go to the trouble of restructuring the whole site & redirecting pages in google search console…