What to Do with Offensive User Names in Facebook Apps?

I have a Facebook application (word game), where I recently recieved a report from a user that complains about another user.

This ‘bad’ user changes his user name to offensive ones which are similar to the reporter’s name to mock the other user (reporter).

There are a few high-score lists displayed in the application page at all times. It’s not that hard to get your -offensive- name into ‘daily scores’ list.

I’m not sure how to handle such issue. What do you think?

Should he (or I) report to Facebook, as this is a Facebook account in the first place? But the main motive of the attacker is to display his name on my app…

Hey Serdar,

The first items on both of these links have some related info:

Facebook policy aside, I guess it really depends on how you view your app. Do you want offensive usernames in it? Is that good for the app and consistent with the community around the app? Or do you try to be work friendly or something along those lines?

If the latter, then I would think you should remove it or set some policies around that and remove it. It could definitely get out of hand but, again, the good or bad of that really depends on what you have built.

I hope that this helps.



My pleasure. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for weighing in Patrick. I decided to warn and then ban the user for this particular case. Still undecided on what kind of a general policy should be set.