What to do with non-English Posters?


I started a Confession Board type of website (which is a work in progress) where people can go to and post anonymous confessions or read what others have to say.

I got someone who wrote something in Chinese. When I translated it into Google, it seemed real because this individual didn’t appear to be advertising anything. But the thing is, I prefer to keep everything in English because I don’t want the majority of my viewers to have to go through the hassle of getting it translated.

I’m not sure what to do here.

On this forum, we just have a rule that it’s an English-only forum. Simple as that. I suggest you do the same. Posters can’t really interact properly in your forum if they don’t speak the predominant language of that forum.

^ agrees

Really, if a user can’t understand what your website says (without having to translate), most will stay away from it, especially if it’s interactive. This means you’ll only be blocking a very small edge-case of people that go through the hassle of translating your site then post in their native language.

So I take it I should maybe delete that post? Then maybe I should make people aware of that simple rule before posting.

That’s what I’d do, but it’s up to you. :wink:

The thing is, I don’t really want to delete it at the moment because apparently in phpMyAdmin, if you delete a record (let’s say we delete record number 4); record number 5 isn’t going to replace it, it’s still going to be number 5. So if someone decides to do a search for ID number 4, they’re going to come up with nothing.

So it kind of stumped me when this Chinese person made a post. I’m thinking of possible new arrangements (like no more searching for ID numbers).

Edit: Oh and by the way, thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Yeah, usually you don’t want to hard lock things into using continuous IDs like that. Of course, there isn’t really another way to go about it (unless you give them “slugs” which are text based or something).

Honestly though, would it be a big deal if they came up empty? You can just point them to another page (like the home page) or tell them that it was deleted. =p

Alright, I will probably just replace it with a Google search engine. The one I currently have searches for ID numbers and I’m sure that I’m going to run into spam at some point, so I don’t want to have my viewers see that I have a lot of empty/deleted pages. Plus it seems kind of odd to only be able to search for ID numbers anyway.

Thanks :slight_smile:

there are few more you can do is but for that you need to have extra efforts , but that is only applicable if you are interested to have all languages .
the solutions is just create a link for non English languages post to google translate or integrate it .

hope you got it what I mean

Maybe you could embed a Google Translator script on your website. If you do so, there is a possibility of your work getting easier. People will just come to the discussion board and if they want to type in any different language, it would be converted into English (No guarantee about the grammar though). There has to be some kind of a script for this to happen. I will check on this and reply back. Please do post about any other way that you might have found out about.

Is there some sort of registration or an e-mail of successfully posting for the site? If so, instead of translating it or sending it to search, you can put a nice, “This author elected to remove their confession please try searching again.”

embed a translator or simply delete posts that are written in different languages. As what I understood so far the chinese post was a rarity?
by the way cool idea with the confessions page. whats the url?

A translator is your best bet if you are dead set on keeping the foreign language on your site. Its fairly easy to embed a translator into your site.

Google Translator should use/install for translate non-English language.

You could go through the trouble of embedding a translator or something, but ideally I’d say just delete the post, remove the ID search and make people aware that it’s an English-Only blog. Doesn’t have to be the best English, just English haha