What to do with my "responsive" development?

Hello. I sorta asked this question before, but here goes again…

I am desperately trying to finish my website this summer while I have some extra time on my hands. And not being a guru like some of you, simple things are not so simple for me. :cry:

Tonight I was trying to apply what you all were helping me with here.

Unfortunately, my larger page is really broken when it comes to responsive design. (I do okay on tiny snippets/widgets, but am not good enough to build entire web pages that are responsive.)

So my dilemma is what i should do?

If I try to make every web page in my e-commerce module “responsive”, it will add LOTS of time, and it could risk me never getting this site done.

But if i don’t make things “responsive” then things are pretty broken for mobile users.

Because my website is interactive, it has lots of application logic and database stuff going on behind the scenes.

My application and database logic should be independent of my HTML.

So tonight, i am leaning towards ditching “responsive” design for now, and just getting my website done adn working for desktop.

What do you think? :wonky:

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