What to do with multi select with 7000 options?

I have a multi select with Google Shopping categories. It takes a long time to scroll through so many options. Then if you mess up you have to start over. How can i make it where I can find the option faster?

How about storing the categories remotely and using a simple text field to search on using autocomplete? eg type in “animals” and it brings back ant categories that match that word.

Destroy it. You’ll need multiple selects (or possible better form controls, selects kinda suck) with much broader categories. With 7k options, people are simply going to need to make a lot of choices to move in the right direction.

The autocomplete solution can also be good; the point is still that people need to be able to funnel their way down in multiple steps, instead of one big step. Humans just can’t deal with 7k options…

are you saying i can buy a horse and a chainsaw and a bucket of milk and adopt a child? Dayum!

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