What to do ? Paid Service has Huge Delays

I have paid someone to do some programming work on a project. I got a good deal out of it but the communication and gave this person a fair size window of time, (just over two months) but lately thing have become very erratic, recently. There are times where a week or longer goes by where I’m not hearing from the person, over two months have gone by and the project is near being complete but this person has put major delays on it and at this point instead of just “getting it done” as they promised they would. I’m now worried that another month, or two etc will drag on for something that is roughly 80%+ complete.

I’m ready to put this project to use and I can’t because of the other person.

Since they have already got the mone and they guaranteed that they would finish it, so much time as passed since our last communication.

Can I revoke the money back ? This person has done a good job thus far but I feel they have put it on the back of there list, instead of just focusing on it and getting it done to the needs of the client.

Since you’ve paid in full, you’ve removed their motivation to finish it. I would loose the nice guy attitude you’re projecting in this post, and make it very clear to them what your expectations are. From that position seek a mutual plan, with testable milestone, to get it finished. Follow them up, constantly, until you see real progress. Get specific, testable promises. Don’t accept statements like: “Oh, I will do it real soon”. Get specific dates for when things will happen. Then follow up on the promises.

At the same time look into what your legal position is. Check what you contract says etc. If you simply can revoke the money depends on how you paid. I haven’t got much experience with it, so hopefully others can answer.

Probably a lesson I had to learn. Now I have to find someone to finish this.

I can’t conceive of working for or hiring someone and not knowing where they are from.

I think this is a case of “live and learn” for you. If you don’t treat your business like a business, neither will your clients or subcontractors.

Over and over in this forum the message is clear. USE A CONTRACT or at least get the details down in writing. Knowing names and having reliable contact information is basic.

Good conclution and good luck.

I bet my “live and learn” mistakes has been far more costly than yours. But still my mistakes are like gems to me, because they have given me insight and capacity that I could’ve never learned at any university.

Being right morally and legally is great. But never let go of your leverage and position, without a really good reason. Align the other party’s interest with your own. Want something done? Make sure that it’s in everybody’s best interest that it happens.

The other thing is that the “good deal” that you got out of it was probably too good. Quite likely, the programmer has run out of cash and needs to do other projects to live an finish off your project.

All his fault? Maybe. Expectable? yes.

HTH, Jochen

I have been a PayPal user for years and I love it, but…

You will have a devil of a time “revoking” a payment through PayPal. You can “refund” payments for 60 days. Getting money back even after a day is hard. I think after this length of time it will be impossible.

Your best bet is to take whatever you have in writing (i.e. e-mails) to an attorney if paying attorney fees and possible court costs are worth the satisfaction. However, I doubt if you will ever recoup enough to make the money worth the extra expense and stress.

If you can’t work out a solution with the provider, fire him and find someone who can and will finish the job for you.

There is the problem, I have no legal contract which is what I had over looked which is my fault. I paid this person though PayPal but I don’t know if a warning could be issued to this person that the monies they received will be revoked if the project is not complete but a specific time, as they have had a fair window of time to complete it.

I’ve sent this person a few emails and have received no replies. They don’t have a phone number which they can be reached at and they didn’t give any phone number when asked.

I don’t have any emails in writing any longer, and it would cost more in legal fees then it’s worth.

The other thing is that the “good deal” that you got out of it was probably too good. Quite likely, the programmer has run out of cash and needs to do other projects to live an finish off your project.

All his fault? Maybe. Expectable? yes.

This person could have informed me, that a little more money and they could finish up the project, not once did they mention anything along this line. Now I have lost money for a unfinished project and no way to get it back. There is no other way to contact this person and even if I find someone to finish it off I have to pay them unless they willingly decide to finish what was needed to be finished for nothing which isn’t going to happen.

I don’t even know what country they reside in not that that would help anything.