What to do about multiple tld's pointing to the same site

I have a website 13 years old and when I started it was recommended to take a few of the popular tld’s to stop other people leaching off any success I might get. I had three tld’s for the same site and pointed them all to one tld.

About five years ago I dropped one tld and it was quickly brought by a person trying to earn a quick buck. They copied my site and placed a load of spam links into the pages. I asked the host to take it down and nothing happened and I did not press to hard as it was not the end of the world. I understand this is quite a popular thing to do with any domain names that are quite old and trustworthy.

I am not quite sure what to do now:
Carry on with two tld’s ( .co.uk & .com ) and one site.
Drop one site and use the domain name for a different site - but which tld to drop ( searching for the domain name the most popular is the .co.uk tld ).
Just drop one tld and forget about it
Keep the second domain and leave it empty.

I am loth to drop the tld as I am certain I will get some d**k taking up the name and using it for something useless.

Anyone have a opinions/suggestions as what path to take?

I’d be tempted to hang onto both and just re-direct as necessary - I’m doing pretty much that with one of my sites.

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I think I will carry an as I am then; thanks @chrisofarabia

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