What to bring in a interview?

I usually bring a resimay that is stapled together.
But I never get a job. Mostly because I am really bad under the pressure.

Is there something else I am supposed to bring other then a resimay?
I figure your online stuff is good, why act like it’s the 50s??

Also sometimes I wear a tshirt and jeans and I was told you should dress a lot nicer. So I might borrow my dads suite. Or would that be overdressing??

PS: Im 26

Your updated CV, with your academic and experience certificate and it is better if you choose official uniform

What is CV?

Another term for Résumé. CV is more European (I believe) and stands for Curriculum Vitae, which is Latin for “course of life”.

You might want to check the spelling and grammar on your CV if it’s anything like in your first post, as good communication skills are valued and one of the things people look at on a CV.

Well it is not the spelling that matters, it is the interview part!!! They ask question and I cant think under pressure

If the resume didn’t matter, why would they ask you to bring one? Maybe you should have a couple of beers or a massage before the interview. In all seriousness though, you probably need to find something to relax you beforehand. I like turning up at the place early and finding a nearby park or something like that and just sitting for a little while, doing nothing and chilling out. I find that relaxes me and then when I walk into the place of course nerves creep back up, but I still feel better.

When the interview is set you can ask if they require business attire. If they say no then just come in business casual. I personally would never show up to an interview in a T-shirt and jeans.

Your resume is usually the FIRST thing people use to judge you, if you have typos then it can really hurt you. The whole interview process is more then just reading a list of your skills. It helps they figure out what kind of person you are and how you react to certain questions. Don’t treat it as some outdated method that they are using to torture you with, use it as an opportunity to learn more about the company, your position, and show them you DO know your stuff.

Showing up to an interview early and having time to sort of chill out worked for me. You could also anticipate the sort of questions they will ask you and have a general idea what you are going to say.

I’ve never brought a portfolio or resume to the an interview. In all interviews that I have had my work had already been seen online and the same can be said for my resume. In all cases when I’ve been interviewed it was to see how well I would fit with everyone else, work-atmosphere, etc. However, I have never showed up at an interview with jeans or a t-shirt. In most cases I have asked ahead of time and its normally khakis and a decent polo. Just don’t show up looking like a shmuck. Some interviews do prefer a suite but in my opinion that is overkill. The only interview I have worn a suite to is one for a job placement agency. Everything else has been business casual. Its important to ask though. In any case when being interviewed it important to not only be knowledgeable in the subject area but be likable. In many cases that is what an interview amounts to – whether they like you not only one a professional level but the way you carry yourself and act under pressure is just as important as the physical work itself. If you come off as a desperate person than chances are that is going to be reflected resulting in a decreased chanced of obtaining the position. Nervous tend to come-off as desperate so its important to go into the interview with the mind-sight that getting the job isn’t important, though hard it will result in a more relaxed experienced. Just don’t go into a interview with the mindset that the job is important – its not, there are others. If you get fine, if you don’t fine. If you have your mind set on a job this is really difficult but changing your mindset will make the interview more successful.

“Well it is not the spelling that matters, it is the interview part”

I don’t know you, but this could very well be a problem that you are bringing to the interview with you. Details matter. But it might not be the problem.

Getting stressed when people ask you questions is a problem, too.

However, most of the questions that you will be asked are the same from job to job. You can practice that stuff and be prepared ahead of time-- there is no rule that you have to make up the answers on the spot.

It is just a performance, like singing a song. If you have some good ideas about what you are going to say when they ask the questions they will ask prepared ahead of time, then you may have less difficulty answering them.

You don’t have to do mock interviews or write stuff out (I’ve tried these, and they work, but take more time than they are worth, IMO), but it is a good idea to think about what may be asked and what you would say in response.

So: what to bring? Answers to questions that you think they might ask.

If you present a resume with spelling errors in it, 90% of jobs will reject you outright. If you won’t take the time to proof read such an important document and ensure that it is error free, then what kind of work will you be creating when you don’t expect it to be closely scrutinized.

As others have said, there are only so many interview questions out there, just practice your responses to them until you aren’t nervous anymore.

And ditch the jeans and t-shirt look as it conveys a sense of laziness and non-professionalism.

Guys I got an interview!!! (I fixed the spelling) In a week!!! I passed the filtering exam so shold I wear a suite?? Or should I wear a tie and dress shirt?? What one is better


Who is the interview with? Wearing a suit might not be appropriate (then again, wearing a suite would never be appropriate, not to mention a bit difficult).

Also, I hope you don’t translate your multiple exclamations into a vocal version at your interview. You don’t want to come across as a bit too intense.

Its with a Investment company so i thought they waer all suites (LOL) do you think they get mad if i wear like dress shirt + pants + dark shoes + tie??

PS: I like your site layout with the headings going off the side to breakup content, ez 2 read - ratherodd.com

Some employers will overlook some spelling/grammar mistakes, others won’t. You may have gotten lucky.

If I see things on a resume which go beyond some basic typos (your posts go beyond basic typos), it quickly goes into the rejection pile.

Why? Well, poor spelling can indicate a lack of attention to detail, and in some cases, a lack of education. For jobs requiring some technical skill and correspondence with clients, attention to detail, plus good, written communication skills are basic requirements. If you include programming into the mix, both are extremely important. I’ve seen many times where spelling in code has been the cause of serious or annoying bugs in software.

So, work on your spelling. Use spellcheck features. Use dictionaries (there are online dictionaries available). You will be taken more seriously if you put effort into your writing skills.

Sometimes misspellings can actually be another word which means something entirely different, and in turn, changes what you were trying to say. For example, your use of suit vs suite:

Another recent example I can recall was in an email that a coworker wrote which went out to the entire staff. One sentence included the phrase: “You are carrying people”. What she meant to say was “You are caring people”. Little bit of a difference there.

I know this is only an online forum, and I really don’t mean to pick on you, but I am trying to help bring this to your attention. You may not like having it pointed out in this way, but when it comes to jobs, work, and professionalism, spelling and grammar are important–especially for making a good first impression.

Thanks that is good advice.!!

I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed, but the tie and dress shirt would be the bare minimum.

Definitely wear a “Suit” if you have an interview with any financial service company, and the best way to get better with the interview process is to practice. You can find all kinds of possible interview questions online to practice with friends or family, or chances are there are some employment agencies in our town that may have free seminars or offer free career counselling.

Congrats on getting the interview!

I’m not sure if my opinion would matter but I learned what to say in “interview” from interviewing other people.

About 90% of the time, I would ask a very basic question about your skills listed in your resume. Then, I ask “How would you solve a problem when such and such”… This is where many people stumble or feel very nervous. I can immediately tell if you REALLY know or just remember the “summary” of each technology. From my experience, I’ve heard so many stupid responses that I’m shocked to know they actually worked in IT field. Then again, I’ve found someone who’s so brilliant that he made me feel stupid… of course I gave two thumbs up for that guy.

So what I’m trying to say for those ppl who got rejected in the interview… Please jot down the question they ask!!! If you didn’t get the job, it’s obvious you completely failed on some of the questions. You do not want to repeat STUPID answer on your next interview. Anyways, that’s my lesson learned in interviewing process.