What title for self-owned business or LLC on resume?


I have a small business through which I design and sell merchandise online. I don't have full time employees but I do hire freelance designers from time to time. I am also still in college and in the process creating a resume. What would be my title for my business on my resume? CEO? Owner? Designer?
I of course, want to emphasize that I own the business myself and am not just employed there.


‘Principal” maybe?


I assume you want a resume to apply for jobs? You may run into the problem that people don't want to hire someone with an active business. I know people who have been asked to wind up their company before starting the job, which is probably illegal but such is life.

I can understand why though as if i ran a business and needed an employee would i hire someone who has their mind on making their own business run/grow or someone who is going to give me their full attention? probably the later.

Might just be worth making your situation clear on any cover letter etc


Principle or owner.




"Founder and CEO" is what most people use.


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