What the Box of Big Text called?

What is the box of big text called in the screenshot?

And how would I make one of those using HTML and CSS?



Perhaps a “pullquote”? In that case, you could use a <blockquote> and float it left. Or you could use the HTML5 <aside> element, although I’d go for blockquote here.

It has always been referred to either as a pullquote or a blockquote in everything I have read that refers to that type of element.


A “blockquote” is when you have a really long quote (e.g. paragraph) and it is not appropriate to wrap it in quotation marks. Instead, it is typically indented - and maybe italicizied - to show it is a long quote.

In my screenshot above, they were just grabbing a snippet to emphasize some key point AND what was in that box still exists in the main body, so it is a duplicate quote of sorts.

I just didn’t know the name of it, but after seeing the term Ralph’s used, that seems the best name for it.



I think the correct name got it is pullquote. I think the reason some refer to it as a blockquote is because that’s the most semantic HTML tag to use to define it. So whe viewing the page source the pullquote can be found wrapped inside blockquote tags. The only difference from the longquote you mentioned is the way that it is styled.

“pullquote” is not defined as a real word in several dictionaries.
Oxford spells it “pull-quote”, a hyphenated word.
Merriam-Webster shows it as two words, “pull quote”.
Give it time… :slight_smile: