What technology shall i use for business website?

Hello, I am not sure what is the best technology for business website, Lets say i am going to develop job portal, and it become world wide famaous. What technology would give highest price if i decide sell it completly ? Core php, php based cms like wordpress, codeigniter or asp? I want to have serious thing , so how much it is important at selling?

I should think about creating the website first. Worry about selling it later IF it becomes a great success.

How many users can handle cms wordpress? I worry if website gets many calls it might crash( presumption servers dont have problems)

I can’t say I’ve looked into this in any detail, but my gut reaction is that if you think you might have so many users the system will struggle to cope, you should be looking at a custom-built solution, not an off-the-shelf CMS.

Is there any chart or study which cms the best to bear up many users

I’m not sure the issue is as simplistic as that; the server will also be a factor.

But you’re asking these questions in the wrong area of the forums. If you want to discuss the technical aspects of building your site, you would be better to do so in either the CMS or General Web Dev areas of the forum.

You can start a new topic over there, or I can move this one. This area is for discussing the business side of things.

Technobear , thank you, i agree, pls migrate it.

The one at wordpress.com handles tens or hundreds of millions of visitors at a time (of course it runs across multiple dedicated servers in order to handle that load).

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Yes, being able to deal with a large number of concurrent visitors is more a sys op thing than anything to do with language or what CMS is being run.

True, every language has it’s strengths and weaknesses as do various CMS apps, but AFAIK resource use is only one concern and usually not the most important consideration,

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Definitely agree. You’re looking at a DevOps issue. What type of server(s) and/or money for them do you have? Do you have some sort of elastic load balancing? Do you have people who will be able to manage all of that for you? Those are your concerns for extremely high amounts of concurrent users. WordPress itself can handle more than you’re going to be able to possibly throw at it, it’s the hardware and networking that’ll throw a wrench in things first, resource wise. That doesn’t mean WP is the best tool for the job. Just saying… that’s not the issue you need to be concerned about.

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