What technology is used here?

Hello Friends,

I am new to Web Designing. I am designing a website as a part of my course study.
Can anyone please tell what kind of technology is used to render these images in real time? I have no idea how they did this.
Please observe how the Shirts get customized and rendered in real time.


Also, i cant figure out how the colors of these clothes are changing in real time.


If anyone has any idea about the technologies used in these two websites, please respond.

Thank You.

itailor is action script or more commonly know as flash

This script seems to be redrawing the same picture with new colors.

the second is javascript, more common in the design world with broader capabilities due to being open source.

This script seems to be pulling multiple pictures based on your selection

Hi CyberToolz,

I know a little bit of Action Script and Javascript myself but i didn’t know we can create effects like that.
Did you notice the smooth transition for the shirts in the second website?
It is much noticeable when you select womens clothing.
I seriously doubt if its a multiple images trick because the models are in the same exact position as in any previous image.

And thanks for your quick reply.
If you know these in much detail, please let me know. That would be of great help.

i gotta say i am not a professional in anyway i just have a basic understanding myself

But the link you posted, there is 1 or two were it looks like they just created 1 model and then used some sort of redraw function to change the colors by adding masks or something. Either way you look at it in the end both scripts are still changing the picture with a user action.

My approach with flash would to take the pic into photoshop and edit a mask for each color and save each pic individually. Then set the listener to match the picture to the color selection.

I don’t have enough exp in java to give any sort of example, either way in both cases my exp is minimal.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

Hey, this information itself is quite useful. Thanks for the help.
If you happen to have any friends who have a bit of experience in this stuff,
Please take time to inquire. I’m beginning to think that i can manage the Color changing stuff from the second website. But the itailor one still remains a mystery.
And so is the change of Patterns on the shirts.

Thanks mate.

Actionscript has the capability to create objects and apply color matrixes that alter the hue, and also can do pattern fills, though it looks like they are just loading different image parts.

Hi, Thats a valuable piece of information. I guess it’s an advanced topic in Actionscript.

Thanks mate.