What super power would you choose?

In my recent interview, someone asked me what superpower I would choose if I had the option. I had real trouble deciding! I felt like there must be a really smart answer but couldn’t come up with it. What would you choose?

I’d probably choose to become as fast as lightning like flash, quicksilver or the son of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. I believe I can compete well if I have a super power like that.

Compete well in what? Races? :wink:

Yes! On car racing events! Kidding! :slight_smile: I love sports. Basketball and Swimming are just some of my favorites. If I have powers like that, I don’t think I will lose. :smiley:

I will choose to be humble in any circumstance,especially if I get rich. I think this is also a super power.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned flying :wink:

Naaah… No need… I always “fly” to my little world when I need to… and I don’t even need to take any weird substances to do so! But don’t tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually that was the first thing that dropped in my mind. But I chose to become more faster because it will be more helpful for me. But I think flying is cool. :slight_smile:

Yes i m also going with flying :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i always like supernatural power and i always like invisible man so i want invisible power…

That would be the last super power I would want. Think of all the things you can’t do if you’re invisible. You can’t go out on dates; you can’t go to your favourite restaurant and order a slap-up meal; you can’t even cross the road without risking being run over.

I suppose it might be all right if you had a switch that lets your turn your visibility on and off at will. But what if you were like Griffin in H. G. Wells’ story? You’d have to go about wearing long sleeves and gloves all the time - even in swealtering weather - and you’d have to keep your face wrapped in bandages. No, it doesn’t sound like an ideal super power to me.


I think you are going wrong site…I tell i like invisible power but one thing is that it depend on my desire…if i want to visible then i am, otherwise anybody can’t see me…
That’s my mean.