What strategies should i follow for mobile website?

I want to optimize my mobile website project but I’m still confused what strategies should i follow to optimize it and what strategy will help me to get more traffic and revenue.

What mobile strategy are you following now? What is your web site about? Why do you think it isn’t getting enough traffic or revenue, for what it is and does currently?

Sorry to answer a question with questions, but to help, we need much more information.


Same strategy as per Google’s Latest updates.
But for Mobile Website - you can do email marketing or MSG Marketing(very new marketing service) to get better traffic.

I don’t know what niche you are in; hence I can’t be specific here. I know one thing that applies to all sites is that you need to know how you can you make your webpage fit well in a mobile phone screen. I forgot the app for this (sorry) but there seems to be a language program that can convert your PC site to a mobile setting.

Hey Edward,

Have you considered using a responsive web design for your website? If you hadn’t heard of it, adopting responsive web design will help to adapt its appearance in various screen sizes (e.g. mobile / tablet screens) to provide an optimal viewing experience, without having a need to develop a mobile-specific version of your website. Using responsive web design will help to concentrate all your “SEO juice” towards your main site, since mobile devices will be accessing your website through the same domain name as what you would do on a computer.

When adapting your website for a mobile screen, I would advise you to think about what visitors to your mobile website would most likely want to achieve, and place those important call-to-action features on the top of the mobile view of your website. Mobile screen size is limited as compared to computer screens, which makes it important to utilise whatever space you have carefully.

Here’s a mobile website link posted by a fellow Sitepoint forummer, which I personally think is a good example of how to develop mobile websites properly: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?1142769-Feedback-needed-for-mobile-website-for-opticians

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Hello, Edward!

Here are useful tips that will provide you with necessary advice for optimizing your mobile site:

1)Make sure mobile users are automatically redirected to the mobile version of your website.

  1. Choose the foremost information to include: direct means of communication (e.g. phone numbers, click-to-call function, online booking); main information about services; locations on a map. Long bios and other texts of secondary importance should be left solely for a desktop website. Include only the things your visitors are most likely to look for.

  2. Remember that the user must access the needed pages as quick as possible, and with minimum actions.

  3. While reducing the number of pages, avoid placing too much information per page. This will inevitably make navigation aggravating, which is by no means acceptable.

  4. Avoid too much text input for users. Typing too much is not a very convenient option on a smartphone.

  5. Essentially include the branding elements of your desktop site (e.g. logo, design style or colors) into the mobile website.

  6. Keep in sight a link to the desktop website. Many visitors may want to proceed there for the information that is left out in the mobile version.

  7. Check how your website works on a number of mobile devices: smartphones and tablets running various platforms. Screen size is a crucial issue in any branch of mobile development.

Thank you so much. you gave me too much information to create good strategy and increase traffic. I glad to use your suggestion for my website.

Thanks marketing.amznia. for your suggestion i will definitely use email marketing or MSG Marketing for my website project.

What is MSG marketing? Googled it, but didn’t see anything relevant.


MSG marketing means SMS marketing. we use it to improve popularity of products and services through sending SMS on mobile phone.

Optimize is so there is one call to action on the site, and content in middle.

Try putting those products which are at a lesser prize and better in terms of looks also products that have been newly launched in the market should me made availed on the front page of website. Arrange different category products one after another and make it more user friendly and search easy, and also put up a prize range comparative tool so different mobile handsets could be compared easily in terms of prize & different models.