What Software To Check Computer System:

Does anyone know of some software i could use that would run a check on a computer and then spit out data like OS is running and how large the hard drive is.
what processer, video card, etc etc etc…any ideas…seems I’ve got searchers block and cannot for the life of me think of the correct search terms.

Oh, I know such software you need. But I don’t know any english version. So if you can read chinese, I suggest you to try search “bajie zuo mian xiao gong ju”. I tink the software can fit your needs, and it is free.

Hope will help.

Belarc Advisor


EVEREST Ultimate Edition

I suggest you do not install a useless software just to check your system.

why not go to your RUN> type this “msinfo32”.

hope this solve your problem.

Sorry but that’s probably the most useless program in the history of Windows. Not only does it tell you nothing of value but its slow to start up and slow to use. Really, don’t even suggest that a user could somehow find all the information they need by that. That software does not solve any problems and in fact, will probably cause more harm to said user than before you recommended it.

http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html is the best one

I remember a program that could do that I used once, I think it was called something like Sandra Soft or something like that.

I would suggest http://www.hdtvtunerinfo.com/pccheck.html. there is no need to install it .

But I would Like to suggest u not to go for such useless software else it may harm your data . If u want to create image of your hard drive then Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software can be considered.

Pheonix, That’s SiSoft Sandra… it’s a very good benchmarking and system information tool. :slight_smile:

PS: Belarc Advisor is my recommendation, it’s free and very powerful!