What skills should a Social Media Developer have?

I’m in the process of trying to expand my skill range. Currently, I’m a web developer. I’d like to add mobile developer and social media developer to my personal brand.

I would consider a socail media developer someone who knows how to develop facebook apps, some integration with twitter, and word press pluggins. Am I missing anything?

This is a great area to be in these days but changes quickly so education and keeping active in the community is essential to stay up to date.

I’d suggest starting with the Facebook SDKs [php, javascript, etc] then moving on to Twitter. LinkedIn has some interfaces worth knowing and Google Plus will have their own APIs sooner or later from the comments they’ve made. Blogging and forum systems are also good additions although less developed than the networks.

If you can learn these well and get your name out there, it’s a great field. Mobile is less clear cut as you have both the web version and the app side… Knowing the later is extremely valuable but a longer learning curve and grasping tweaks for mobile sites [i.e. jquery mobile] is a good start.

Build a few common apps, share some knowledge and you’ll find yourself in a field desperate for talent.

Ted, thanks for the advice!

As for mobile, I’m planning on starting off with general mobile web app development and then moving into the various mobile devices(Mainly iOS and Android). I’ll wait and see if Windows Mobile platform takes off before getting in to it.

I think a diverse background of marketing and advertising.

Most of us use it for things like this.

I think a Social Media Advocate/Guru would have a marketing background.

I’m trying to put myself in a spot where I know how to develop applications/sites/pluggins/ and etc.

I would suspect that a marketing background or at least some introduction to marketing education would be valuable for someone who is a “Social Media Developer” because you’ll need to have some way indicate, chart, report, etc. your results in a format that business people understand.

Other than that I would suggest that anyone who is a Social Media Developer needs to be able to strategize and use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Flicker, etc… to provide a positive impact to the company that hires them. How that effect is translated depends on the business you are working with but you’ll need to be able to come up with a strategy and provide some way that the results can be tracked back to your work.

Maybe “Social Media App Developer” is more fitting since if I read your post correctly, you aren’t interested in the planning and reporting part.

I’d like to add mobile developer and social media developer to my personal brand.

What is your personal brand website url ?

Understanding how analytics and measurement fit into social and mobile development can also be quite valuable.

What skill sets do you seek for team member(s)? How do you vet candidates (internal staff and external outsourcing providers)? How many folks would be (or are) on your team (e.g. blogger, content developer, marketer, PR person, etc). What advice do you have for anyone trying to create a social media team for their business? I ask these questions for a presentation I am working on. Those who respond or provide insight will get credit and will be contacted after the presentation with complete details/links to any presentation materials or resources.:lol: <snip />[URL=“http://www.morphacademy.com/efashioncad.html”]

Social Media Developer needs to be able to strategize and use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc…

Likedin is an up coming social network and of course Google + is going to hold the position soon. So I think you should prepare urself for them.

I think the best skill one should have for social media developer is the superb marketing knowledge with maximum working hour on couple of extra ordinary social networks like Google plus, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

on a small scale its possible to be social media develpor site…simple search out the dedicated forums which could help in this…you should have a basic knowlege of social medias working with the relation to its huge amount of databases.

I think the skills you should posses are a strong marketing background, great interpersonal skills, strong understanding of PPC/PPM, strong understanding of online traffic and all social media platforms.

A certain amount of prediction, if possible, is really handy as well.
Example: A new movie is coming out, you make post on how you think it will be liked, if you get a jump on the posts with the correct keywords you could do very well in social media.
Its all about what people want to see, “eye candy”.

Facebook is by far the most highly sought after API integration skill that we look for. Twitter and LinkedIn projects come along as well but only once every blue moon. Focus on the Facebook API then send me your resume! :wink:


The only use is not the enough thing.Let me tell you one thing that the user must be the expert of some languages and he must know about the making and development with the skill of social media marketing and its awareness.

A social media developer must have knowledge about all social platform . If you want to be A SMD then you should learn all these and as from your profile , it looks that it will be easy for you . Best of luck .