What should we do before site promotion on online platform?

can anyone tell me that what should we do before site promotion on online platform?


Find out if the platform allows you to promote yourself?

Too few details, too many possibilities. What sort of platform? what sort of arrangement is it? is it a binding arrangement or an informal one?


ok …i got it

Upload the image on your server that you want to appear when you share your site and add these coding for meta property, so when we’ll share your site on social media plateform, this specific image will appear : meta property="og:image" content="yoursite.com" - meta property="og:image:type" content="images/yourimage.jpg"

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Website promotion is a collection of marketing tactics, actions, and techniques that increase traffic or visitors to your website.

For Creating Your Website Promotional Plan, you should consider the following:

  • Which is your the target market?
  • Where can you found them?
  • How can you entice them to check out my business?
  • Use Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • Promote Where Your Market Hangs Out

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Building your website is just the beginning. All the effort put into setting it up will go to waste if nobody sees it.

1. Guest Blogging

Step 1: Find your targets
Step 2: Prepare your pitch
Step 3: Write your guest post

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Step 1: Write content around a topic with organic search traffic potential
Step 2: Optimise your content
Step 3: Build links

3. Reddit

Step 1: Identify your niche
Step 2: Become one of them
Step 3: Promote—delicately

4. Quora

Step 1: Zoom in on the right questions
Step 2: Build referral traffic

5. Facebook

Step 1: Create a Facebook page
Step 2: Post in Facebook groups

6. Twitter

Step 1: Post content that’s highly engaging and shareable
Step 2: Promise something in exchange for retweets, or run giveaways

7. Blogger Outreach

Step 1: Find out who you’re reaching out to
Step 2: Craft and send your pitch

8. Create a Free Resource

Step 1: Figure out what content to create
Step 2: Make it easy to share

9. Responding to Comments and Engaging in Conversation

Step 1: Set up “Mentions” Alerts
Step 2: Jump in where you can add value

For further info about the mentioned titles, you can contact me.
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thank you so much …for this valuable info

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if you are planning to promote website before that you should check what value your are providing to users through your website. After all review then you should start promotion on any specific platform.

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you should do following things

  1. competitor analysis
  2. improve SEO things ( Title, description, keyword reserch
  3. secure your website
  4. create sitemap
  5. use only related keyword and images
  6. try to use releavent website for promotion
  7. create social media pages with attractive profile