What should I do?

Got an idea that will kill certain industry. At least their market here in the States. But have no money even for prototype and credit is messed up. What do I do now? Wait until some1 with money gets this idea? :confused:

Banks don’t give out money that easy now days. And my credit is pretty bad.

Rubbish. Firstly, everyone seems to have a “killer” idea (most of which never work) and secondly, building a prototype website or service isn’t expensive - if you do the work yourself you can get started with NO costs. Anyone who claims that they have a killer idea but can’t afford to do the job just wants other peoples money. :slight_smile:

Demonstrate to the bank that it’s a worthy undertaking and get a loan.

You’ll find someone with money…keep trying !

Yeah, if you think your idea rather worth, just try your best to persuade somebody invest for you. But be prudent.

Truth, unfortunately.
Banks in the States do not look highly on “ideas” that would kill an entire industry.
There are too many jobs at stake here, as it is.
But good luck to you.

Wow, for someone who whines so much about getting flamed you’re sure not slow to do it to other people.

You have no idea what he wants to build or the market he’s talking about, at least get that information before being so scornful and dismissive.