What should I do with low score? How to fix it

For some page, ready.mobi show me low score, 2.37 and so on. How to fix it, it say’s that file page is too large. But in windows explorer show me that file is from 1-6,7kB, but there is 60,70kB(in ready.mobi). I put the link of site, just example, not nothing special, and if someone can fix it, or suggest to me what to do.



First thing to look at is the size of your images and see if you can optimise them down some more. Use background images where possible and then you can load smaller background images for mobile in your media queries or indeed remove unnecessary decoration images for the mobile view.

Don’t load custom fonts for mobile as those files can be massive.

Create sprite images where possible but keep different versions for mobile and desktop and apply them in the media queries.

Then follow general rules for speeding up sites.

I Just remove pictures, like you can see in post “what I am wrong…”…I write you my site…So you can look. Second one from dropbox is the without pictures, I don’t know how to fix it, I was resize image, but not helped.


If you are talking about ko_je_lav.xhtml then it doesn’t look too heavy as you only have a couple of images in there.

You are still loading the special font which is a hefty 150k and as mentioned before you should perhaps revert to normal text for that.

You should also concatenate those css files into one css files as you are using import to import all the files and that is slow and incurs http requests.

Apart from that I can’t see anything else to complain about on that page.

I delete that import and put all in one css…But not enough, again is too large page size.
Can you try to do a little optimize…

Can you print out the full report that you get from your page checker so we can see what it doesn’t like.

Page sizes (including images and stylesheets) should be kept small since large pages take longer to load and, on some networks, increase data charges

PASS near line 36 column 8
The size of page markup is 3419 bytes

FAIL near line 36 column 8
The total download size for this page is 34871 bytes

for naslovna.xhtml

There doesn’t seem to be a line 36 in naslovna.xhtml. There must be a more verbose option to tell you what resource is causing the problem.

How are you checking this as most checkers need an online version to check properly? I couldn’t see an option for testing local sites.

I can’t really see what its complaining about apart from the font files I mentioned before.

Sorry but speed optimisation is not really a CSS issue as such and an in depth analysis is probably beyond me apart from the obvious problems.