What should i do to tackle Google Panda

One of my seo blog got penalized by google andd it was Google panda, so what should i do to remove it or get away the blog from that affect!!!:frowning:

Any blackhat going on in your blog e.g. linkfarms, keyword stuffing, linkwheels, purchased links and so on?

[FONT=Verdana]I find it very strange that somebody knowledgeable enough about SEO to be blogging on the subject would have to ask that question. However, Panda and its effects have been discussed many times on the forums, so I’m sure you can find plenty of advice and suggestions if you do a search. Here are two threads you could start with:

Why not? Somebody has to be #1/page 1; it’s not as if Panda/Penguin left the first page of the serp blank.

You can eliminate their influence. That is why Google produced the “disavow” tool.

The best way to respond to panda and penguin is to run a proper site. Post only original content material and link only to related sites. Replace as much content that is not unique and clean as many unrelated links as you can from your link directory. Use the Google disavow tool also. Gradually you should see improvements.

Thing to remember, any changes you make won’t make your website appear in the SERPS again overnight, have to wait for the next penguin/panda refresh.

The serp ranking will be changed at the first re-crawl of the updated pages; nothing to do with updating of the algorithms.

target only relevant,deep and high PR links with a quality content which will automatically nullify the effects of panda and penguin

Can I ask one thing? Your blog was given lower ranking or it was completely removed from SERP.

If it was completely removed from SERP then you have to work harder, I would say try using new domain with fresh content for better result in less time. As recovering would take longer.

How do you find that panda effects your blog ?

[FONT=Verdana]As the OP has not returned to this thread in nearly a month, there seems little point in offering more advice.

Thread closed.[/FONT]