What should I do to get the sales

Hey guys

I just started a website a month ago. I started to write about our products and sales on the FB and I also have a blogger that I write articles everyday. I use ebay as well to get people to be aware of my website… did SEO…
I feel like I have done everything that I can but still my website has not got any sales so far.

What should I do… Please help!


It take time to get the sale as you said you have started one month ago and its not a long time. And it is not compulsory that the traffic you are getting is correct for your product. Always keep one thing in mind you don’t need to get a lot of traffic you need to get a quality traffic if you get thousands of people on your site but they were not buying any thing then the whole thousand is waste for you.

But if you get 100 s of quality traffic and 10 out of them were giving you sale that’s the useful traffic for you. Always concentrate on quality not on quantity.

What should you do? HANG IN THERE! Stay alert:

It starts with Integrity. That ensures correct Vision, from which come the only effective goals. If these are in focus and in proper organization, the motivation does come… even if it takes and hour or two to wake up in the morning.

And remember, always, the principle of Continuous Improvement:
- If it ain’t broke, break it. Try something new.
- If it works, keep doing it.
- If it doesn’t, tweek it or try something else.
- Then try something new.
- Rinse and repeat.

I added live chat by comm100 today,
Hope that can help,
It has a nice little admin to see customers live,
I have looked at ad words but wonder if it really will help,

When i meant to say on the topic of seo was this,
I have done all the seo i know i can do up to now,
But i am still in the process of learning more and more on it,
How would i do back linking? would that be to my facebook and e blogger accounts or other sites as well?

How much traffic have you had? How long is the typical visitor staying around? How many bounce?

If you’ve had any kind of volume – dozens to hundreds – someone should have bought.

The flaw here is probably that the site looks pretty, but hasn’t a lick of sense about visual merchandising.

Have sales copy on each product page. (Copy about the styling and benefits of that faucet, and no other) Indicate people can use credit cards to purchase through paypal (I doubt paypal is an asset for faucet buyers). Include how long things take to ship.

The shopping user wants to compare faucets. Shoppers want to see close ups. (clicking on you product image, the popup with ever-so-slightly enlarged image is a joke). Shoppers want to see what the faucet looks like in a setting. The site doesn’t support coming to a decision about which faucet to buy, just the purchase at the end.

All the site dev did was throw some superficial eye candy over the cart software. It’s still a vending machine …for faucets. If you don’t support shoppers, especially for something that isn’t impulse buy vending machine fare, you will continue to get very few conversions. Because the site isn’t for sales conversions, it’s for the already converted.

Cart systems are essentially built around the vending machine model. Unfortunately you aren’t selling gum and candy bars. Carts only support the transaction at the end. You need to learn about visual merchandising to support shopping behavior.

Because I guarantee the dev putting up sites has no idea what visual merchandising is.


Check out the link on visual merchandising in my sig. Towards the bottom of the article you’ll find an interactive product photo. Does yours have to be exactly like that? No. Does it have to be more informative, like that product photo? Yes. But it does give you some idea of the dismal state of online retailing.

that means you are to explore new avenues for marketing.
i would try out twitter, ppc campaigns, ebay, amazon etc.

I am selling ties on ebay and my own site. though sales are not big , I receive a few of orders every day.
what products are you selling?

its learning by doing…SEO takes time yet its worth it when you see its result
just continue learning and be resourceful, there are lots of good tutorials out there…

Hi JQM1980,

I visited your site’s homepage only.

My short reflections are:

  • background is black (what is oppressive), your text is hard to read (at least for me)

  • every product on the gallery has only blue background (cold effect is disadvantageous in selling)

  • if I give a discount I emphasize that

I hope I was useful for you in some way.

All the best,


You said you “Did SEO”

SEO isn’t something you do one time and then stop, it keeps going. I would say that you just don’t have enough backlinks and you need to keep working on that aspect of your business for now. Once you do that your sales will come.

Well here is my site http://www.youniverseonline.com/
I am using google analytics but it quit working on me few weeks back,
It was keeping up with where people was from and how many visitors,
My cpanel is has stats but they are not very good and detailed,
You have any other ones that free or cost money that might work better,
We did have 1 person email use asking how long something would take to ship,
But that was a week ago and they never bought anything,
How long does it typical take google to rank some one,
I have done all my seo work and made sure my meta tags look good,
We are thinking of paying for ad space on some sites,

Yes. Yes. If something isn’t working at all; expose it to as much traffic as possible.

That way, everybody knows they should never go there again in the shortest time possible.

how much traffic do you have? Keep promote and increase traffic and sales will come eventually.