What should i choose reliability or opportunity to increase my earnings?

If you start experimenting you will likely loose some cash before you starting earning more.

You can start with mention what company you use right now.
Then you can share how many daily unqiue and daily pageviews you got.

i have tested plenty of the ones i thought was good, and not all worked for me.
Right now i run my own private network with difference sources of adservings.

One example is advertising.com that has a fixed CPM price for the 5 impressions per user per day. So in your “platform” you can use this tag 5 times per 24 hours, then you use another one.
This one way to make more.

This needs alot of learning by burning, takes time to master.
So if you got like 20k pageviews per day, keep too what you got.

Does your site feature premium content or a service of any sort? Or are they just information based? I’m sure I could offer you a few suggestions as to how you can additionally or more effectively monetize your sites.

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