What should i be knowing to move up in my career?

I have to admit. i am Graphic guy. i love creating them. playing with colors.currently i am working as a web dev. for now what i can do is Design mock up in photoshop, convert them into html, using css or table. write websites in pure css. do a little bit of php and mysql (just starter level). somehow i feel insecure that i might get uprooted coz there are no web or graphic schools around. i learn all myself from internet and i have done well. then there is colleagues teasing sometime. which sort of is a threat. not that i can’t do anything. i can turn people ideas into reality. i have many happy clients as well as good work history. maybe its the learning that i crave for so much that make me feel insecure. having said that.what should i be master of when i say i am a web developer?

Whatever you feel your greatest skillset is, there’s far too much work to-do in the industry to become a master of everything and there’s a general lack of professionals in specific niches of the industry… so if you enjoy doing photoshop mock-up’s and converting it to code, make that your full time career. Lots of other people do it on a daily basis and manage to earn a good living, there’s no reason why you should be forced to trade in skills you enjoy for stuff which you don’t know or have any interest in. There’s enough work around for all of us (at least all of us who don’t burn out and know what we’re doing) - even if you didn’t go to design school. :slight_smile: