What should I advertise on my page that get 100k uniques a day?

I have a facebook app that is currently generating 100k uniques a day from the UK. At the moment I just have an adbrite ad generating me about $50 a day, but can’t help but think I’m missing out.

What would others do in my situation to squeeze more cash out of this opportunity?

Start split testing offers relevant to your visitors. Test against Adbrite, see if you can product $60 a day. With that much traffic it will only take a few days to know what offers your visitors will respond.



I would look over available affiliate products and find one that matches my users interest. If all of your users are from the UK that helps as well because it gives you a more specific group of people to try to sell a product to.

I go with what AbiliCize said.
Also can’t you try Adsesne?

Open a free account with ClickBank. Once there, go to the Clickbank Marketplace. Seeing as how I don’t know what niche (topic) your app is related to, and I don’t know your target audience (for example, why are people interested in your site? Find your niche in the Clickbank Marketplace, and find a high converting product within your niche. Then, offer it on your site.
Offering “like” items is very, very popular. If you were to offer an item that “compliments” your niche, then it is bound to do well. A few examples of this type of advertising: Think of McDonald’s. Buy a burger. See if they don’t offer fries merely because it would “compliment” the burger. Or go get a bottle of Coke at your local convenience store. If you were to pay $1.50 for that bottle, and they offer a special of 2/$2.00, would you take it? Of course you would. You buy and extra bottle, but each bottle comes out cheaper. Buy a video game. See if they don’t offer a deal, like a player’s cheat guide, or a free little trinket/widget for orders over $25.00. Do people get mad at this type of advertising? Would you get angry if you were to buy a remote control toy, then someone offered batteries? Of course not!

I’m sure people don’t go to your site just to buy things (I could be wrong) but whatever your 100k worth of visitors are interested in, there’s your market.

Better yet, why not try to build a list off of them? Do the internet classic. Offer something for free in exchange for their double opt in email addresses. You need quite a list (2,000 to 5,000 subscribers) before you are able to market from them and create such an income on command from them. Thing about lists, though, is that have one chance to gain their trust. If you give your list a reason not to trust you, you might as well not have a list. Keep fresh, relevant content going as well. If you email your list just once or twice a year, I would delete the email as spam before I got a chance to read it. I need to know just who it comes from.

These are just a few tips that come to mind when trying to figure out what to market to people. If you need some guidance, I’m sure I can help you further. Just let me know.

do you try large aff networks like CJ?