What should be changed when inheriting a website from another company to be rebranded

Hi (new member here! :slight_smile: ),

We have inherited a design from another company and have to rebrand it to our company’s branding.

Apart from changing the company name in the HTML, the logos, alt text (the main thing is to change the company name, which is a find and replace), what else should be changed? Anything subtle?

BTW, if a find and replace (and the results of the find will be “inspected” and the results of the replace will be tested) is a bad idea for whatever reason, please let me know.


Write your company name in small and clear readable with the logo of inherited company like “powered by …” and change the T&C, PP, Cotact us all the important things.
Hope it will be helpfull.

You might want to change a few of the images also and tweak the layout of the pages a little. This way, people will not notice that it is a holdover from the previous company’s site.

I think in this type of case first of create a new logo if you don’t have and try make some changes in the color and the images which suit your new brand logo.

I would suggest buying a new logo design to get it back.